Accounting | Outsourcing

Accounting is much broader then just bookkeeping. It is focussed on preparing information for the control of financial business processes. An example is the preparation of reports for (external) stakeholders of your business.  

Outsourcing relates to the outsourcing of activities which, normally, can also be performed by the business itself. In this respect, certain business activities are outsourced to specialized third parties.  

Outsourcing part of your processes should enable you to fully focus on your core entrepreneurial activities. Wesselman Accounting  | Outsourcing can assist you in this respect by fully/partially taking over part of your financial processes.

Within our Accounting  | Outsourcing department our professionals with much in-depth knowledge efficiently take care of, amongst others, the following services:

  • Bookkeeping of financial administrations
  • Preparing interim financials (performing periodic hard-closing of financial administrations)
  • Preparing periodic financial reports
  • Preparing and filing of value added tax returns and declaration of intra-community supplies
  • Support with pre-audit activities
  • Optimization of (financial) business processes in the field of:
    • Digitalization
    • Automation
    • Authorisation solutions
    • Declarations of staff members
    • Setting up payments
    • Preparing sales invoices
    • Preparation of interim financials

When performing aforementioned services, quality and timing are at the centre of our focus. Our professionals are focussed on decreasing your administrative burden and are standby for all your questions. Furthermore, we have short internal communication lines with all other expertise’s we have in-house such as tax, legal and pension services.

Real-time information 
Currently, financials are no longer reports based on the past, but should be the basis for direct actions and results. The financials of your company are the foundation of the organization. With our online software tools, by means of a financial dashboard, you will have clear insight in your real-time financials at a glance. As such, you will be able to directly anticipate on financial developments which should increase control on your business. 

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