Due Diligence

"Contributing to business development by either buyer or seller, with clear insight in the target is what makes us proud. Sometimes it involves recommending not to close a deal, but we are not afraid of taking on responsibility."

Selling or buying a company? Due diligence is a critical part in M&A transactions which can be an intense period for both buyer and seller. Your Wesselman Due Diligence team is standby to guide you through the total process, with a focus on providing a clear confirmation on the actual position of the target.

What we do:

  • Setting up and coordinating the dataroom (vendor DD);
  • Perform accounting, legal, tax, pension, and insurance due diligence;
  • Providing a DD report with a clear overview on potential risks and mitigation alternatives;
  • Drafting and reviewing SPA’s.

Some projects:

  • Standing side-by-side with a recruitment focussed firm on expanding its business in the Netherlands. This involved amongst others preparing DD reports, providing more insight knowledge on specific items such as reorganization, healthcare, dismissals and pensions;
  • Assisting our network partner with a multiple country deal, for which we performed the DD on the Dutch companies involved. This involved cooperation on a local level with the target but also aligning findings together with our network partners. 

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