Global Mobility

“Continuation in salary and taxation is the first step to a successful employment abroad”

In order for a secondment or cross border working  situation to succeed both pre-, during- and aftercare in fiscal as well as social security matters is a necessity to a successful employment.

Together with our international network partners , we can assist both employer and employee with a vast rage of services in the fields of taxation and social security. Amongst others this regards:

  • Drafting of comparative gross-net wage/income calculations;
  • Applications for applicable expat rulings;
  • Tax equalisation calculations;
  • Filing for social security documents;
  • Tax return filings.

Our experience is that often employees are not aware of the effect of cross border employment on their individual tax position.

Filing of tax return(s) therefore quite often leads to discussions as a result of unforeseen tax effects.

We therefore advise to upfront provide for a gross to net income calculation so  both employer and employee are aware of the (individual) effects, making it possible to address adverse consequences pre start the new situation.

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