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“Clarity upfront avoids discussions in the future.”

In international dealings (business or employment related) accumulation of applicable legislation between different countries may, without qualified legal assistance, prove a bridge too far.

The Wesselman lawyers offer a personal service with the aim of allowing you as an entrepreneur to excel. Through intensive cooperation between our colleagues from different disciplines, we have your entire organization in sight and we can identify legal risks in time and advise you where necessary. Our lines are short; there is smooth communication. Of course, you can expect high-quality services and clear communication from us, at a competitive rate that is usually lower than the rates of comparable legal service providers in the market.

In case of a cross border/salary split situation, considerable costs and work can be avoided if up front employer and employee are in lign as to the contents and mutual expectations regarding the employment set up. By regulating these items not only in a general company policy but also in (a) tailor made employment specific contract(s) clarity to both parties up front can be arranged.

We invest in the relationship of trust with our clients. We are happy to spar with you and think along/together about practical and useful solutions. Furthermore, we want to be there for you with legal challenges and issues in good and bad times, or just for an enlightening conversation.

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