Rödl & Partner

For many years Wesselman International has a strong cooperation with the originally German office 'Rödl & Partner', with whom we work together closely across all service lines.

As attorneys, tax advisers, management and IT consultants and auditors, Rödl & Partner is present with 111 offices and 4,900 colleagues in 50 countries worldwide. Just like Wesselman, they think from a market perspective, from a client’s perspective and have a particularly strong presence among family businesses.

Their story
The story of Rödl & Partner's success began in 1977 with the founding of a solo practice in Nuremberg. Dr. Bernd Rödl, the firm's founder and chief partner at that time, was one of Bavaria's first attorneys who earned the title of a certified public auditor and certified tax consultant. Since its inception, Rödl & Partner has focused on an interdisciplinary approach to its advisory services. Dr. Bernd Rödl was convinced that especially family-owned companies are in need of comprehensive advice. This has been at the core of their business model ever since.

In 1994, Rödl & Partner expanded its operations into China where it became the first German professional services firm to obtain a license for auditing and – later on – also for providing legal advisory services. In 1999, Rödl & Partner ventured as the first German professional services firm into the American market, where another succes story began.

Rödl & Partner has always remained faithful to Nuremberg – the place where it was originally founded.

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