Tax advisory

"We take pride in providing our relations with one overall tax advise covering all angles, providing clear direction contributing to more focus and efficiency."

Taxes relate to almost every part of doing business. In order to avoid any unwelcome surprises it is recommendable to obtain assistance before entering into business transactions. We understand situations are not always optimal and are therefore standby to identify tax risks and provide solutions to mitigate these risks. Not in the least this involves a joint approach with our network partners abroad to provide best solutions possible.

A glimpse of our dedication:

  • Advisory regarding investment and financing structures;
  • Involvement in setting up an efficient cross-border workers policy and making sure all obligations are complied with (30% regulation procedures, determining personal income tax and social insurance positions);
  • Evaluating (draft) agreements in order to understand the transactions and identify risks and provide solutions;
  • Involvement in setting up business structures from the process of incorporation to contribution of funding the business.

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