Transfer Pricing

“Transfer Pricing (TP) involves substantiation of intercompany prices in practice composing TP documentation. With the pragmatic approach of Wesselman on top of this it turns out to be a useful tool in obtaining a better insight in your business processes."

Transfer Pricing is a subject which is becoming more and more important in (daily) tax practice. It concerns the pricing of intercompany transactions as if it were independent parties (i.e. transactions should be at arm's length), this in order to prevent profit shifting to lower taxed jurisdictions. Most companies involved in cross border activities will have to deal with transfer pricing.

Do you have business activities in more then one country, we are standby to identify the TP requirements applying to your business in the Netherlands and beyond.

Transfer Pricing in practice. We assist our relations with several TP issues such as:

  • Composing a TP policy in order to obtain subsidies/loans;
  • Composing Masterfile, localfile, CbC reporting and notification obligations;
  • Pragmatic advise on a TP/tax efficient structure;
  • Determining whether specific transactions meet the at arm's length standard by for example benchmarking (for example for intercompany loans).

Together with our international network partners we have developed a standard approach and a lean coordination structure contributing to an optimal added value.

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