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Figures are important, but the ambitions behind them even more. Our main focus is improving preformance and reducing risks. Where do you stand, what are your priorities and what are your ambitions? 

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The review of annual accounts provides for internal and external assurance. Through an audit the financial figures internal processes are reviewed in order to give provide reliable and valuable information for your organisation and external stakeholders. As of 2006 audits may only be performed by organisations that have a license from the Dutch Authority for Financial Markets (AFM), such as Wesselman. The quality of our audits is safeguarded through different checks and balances, which guarantee high quality. 

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We offer more than just the compilation and preparation of your annual accounts. Based on your actual figures and developments we advise you how to improve your financial achievements and to reduce unnecessary risks. Important starting point is always your personal requirements and ambitions. Wesselman also has an Audit licence of the Dutch Authority for Financial Markets (AFM), so we can execute all statutory audits for your company.

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Accounting & Outsourcing.

We can take care of your bookkeeping and financial obligations so that you can truly focus on your business. Within Accounting & Outsourcing we have great experience with setting up and executing business administrations for subsidaries multinationals and (local) start-ups. We can provide flexible solutions that match your ambitions throughout the growth of your company. We put great value in optimizing and automating processes all with one goal; achieving your ambitions.

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Due Diligence.

Do you have the opportunity to take over a company? We support you by making the right decision and help you to understand the worth and the risks of the company. Our specialists have great experience with executing financial and tax due diligences and ensure that you know what you will be buying.

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