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Services - Tax advisory

Corporate tax compliance.

Let us take care of your corporate income tax returns to ensure that you are always compliant.  We closely monitor and audit your tax assessments, process adjustments to provisional assessments and handle objections and appeals. In the meantime we keep a close eye on the applicable laws and regulations and keep you updated on relevant changes.

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A timely and accurate declaration.

We guarantee a correct declaration. We also like to check your assessments, process adjustments on provisional assessments or take care of objections and appeals.

What more can you expect from us?
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    A timely reminder for data submission;

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    An overview of data we need;

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    A correct, timely completed tax return; and

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    Checking provisional assessments and making objections.

We are Wesselman
A beacon in business.

All your tax issues taken care of by one firm. Tax issues take many forms. Some issues you encounter every quarter or annually, others only once in the life of your company. You can come to us for all these matters. From a simple question to an extensive report.

What can we help you with?
Our team of specialists is at your service.
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    Marc van Kasteren


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    Karin Moris - Janssen

    Senior aangiftemedewerker

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    Noud Verstappen

    Senior aangiftemedewerker

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