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Mobility in globalization.

Doing business across borders provides opportunities and possibilities. Do you have employees working remotely or abroad for you? Or employees coming to work in the Netherlands from abroad? Whatever type of cross-border employment you are dealing with, international laws and regulations are complex. From international tax advice to social security and employment legal matters, we help you get everything right from the start. 

What we offer.

Each country has its own laws, rules and regulations. The differences in legislation when working across borders can have a big impact on your employees. For example, employees may encounter a different social security system, wages are taxed differently and different rules often apply to work permits, residence permits, et cetra. We can support both you and your employees together with our international network partners.

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    Preparation of gross-net wage/income calculations;

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    Assessing and applying for 30% schemes for employees not from the Netherlands;

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    Providing advice on social insurances;

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    Providing or advising on legal (employment) agreements;

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    Filing personal income tax returns in the Netherlands and abroad; and

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    Advice on other legal and tax issues.

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Always nearby.

We believe it is important that - wherever your employees are - help and guidance are always nearby. Over the years, we have built a network with partners in more than 70 countries. In addition, we are part of not one, but two major international networks. We have been a member of the German Professional Services Alliance for 20 years and work closely with the German company Rödl & Partner. The lines of communication within our network are short. We ensure that there is always someone present who - at a short distance - can provide you with advice and support.

What can we help you with?
Our team of specialists is at your service.
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    Peggy Ramaekers

    Senior Belastingadviseur | Specialist Internationaal

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    Jamey van Hout


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