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A review (audit) of the annual accounts exceeds the efforts of composing the annual accounts. With an audit, you will obtain a true and independent judgement on the annual accounts. As of 2006 audits may only be performed by accounting organizations that have a license from the Dutch Authority for Financial Markets (AFM), such as Wesselman. The quality of our audits is monitored through different channels, which guarantees constant high standards of our work.

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Our focus.

A thorough review, maximizing added value for your organisation. Our audit results in a management letter which includes our findings regarding your administrative organization, internal controls and automized environment. Our findings will be reported considering priority levels, enabling you to prioritize efforts.

After the year-end review, our findings will be reported in an auditor's report. It is this focus that should lead to practical and most important feasible solutions for you and your organization.

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    Anne van Asten

    Supervisor Audit

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    Jasper Dielis

    Junior Manager Audit

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    Wendy Smits

    Manager Controlepraktijk

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