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Formal law.

As an entrepreneur, you have to comply with various tax obligations. Formalities play an important role in meeting them. What are your rights and what are the consequences if you do not fulfil your obligations on time? Our specialists are here to help in case you encounter fines, penalties, payment issues, liability claims and can assist with tax audits.

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What we do.

We are happy to help you as a business owner. Avoiding tax fines, resolving payment problems, dealing with liability claims and filing objections and appeals. All aspects that are of great importance to you. In recent years, many things have changed with regard to laws and regulations. New laws have been introduced regarding interest rates, the right to collect debts, stricter penalty rules and changes in how we communicate with the tax authorities. Our specialists are familiar with these issues.

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    Igor Suselbeek

    Senior Belastingadviseur | Formeel recht

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