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Tax advisory.

Developments in and around your company almost always have tax implications, either immediately or in the long run. An acquisition, doing business abroad or rapidly changing laws and regulations. Wesselman ensures that you comply with the obligations and at the same time seize tax opportunities and possibilities. So that you can focus on the growth of your business.

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Corporate tax compliance.

Let us take care of your corporate income tax returns to ensure that you are always compliant.  We closely monitor and audit your tax assessments, process adjustments to provisional assessments and handle objections and appeals. In the meantime we keep a close eye on the applicable laws and regulations and keep you updated on relevant changes.

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VAT and real estate transfer tax.

All entrepreneurs have to deal with VAT. It seems simple, but VAT laws and regulations can be very complex. What exactly do you have to comply with? Is all input VAT deductible? Which rate applies? Does the VAT have to be reversed charged? Does an exemption apply? What are the rules when you do business in other countries? Our specialists will be happy to advise you on various - national and international - VAT issues. As an entrepreneur, this creates opportunities and helps to limit risks. Do you need help with VAT compliance or VAT advisory? We will take care of it.

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Estate planning.

With thorough, timely and well-organised estate planning, your assets can be transferred in accordance to your will. Not an easy task, but it provides clarity and peace of mind. Do you have (family) assets that you want to donate - during your lifetime or when you pass away - to your loved ones, and what is the best way? What happens if, due to an accident or illness, you are no longer able to make decisions independently? Our specialists will be happy to assist you in determining your will and make sure that your assets are transferred in the best possible manner to the next generation. 

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Gift and inheritance tax.

Are you contemplating making a donation to your loved ones now or upon the end of your life. Or are you the heir or the custodian of an inheritance? In both cases you will encounter gift or inheritance tax which you would like to keep to a minimum. Do you have a good oversight on your financial situation? Does your will reflect your current wishes? What happens when you pass away?

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Wage taxes and social security.

Employees are by far the most valuable asset of your company. Apart from wages and good employment conditions it comes with other costs. As an employer, you are obliged to withhold wage tax and social security premiums on behalf of your employees. What are the (non) taxable options to bind and reward your employees? Our specialists are happy to guide you through the options and obligations and advise in this respect.

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International M&A.

We work together with our relations in order to make the right decisions at the right time and act on opportunities. This also involves restructuring processes with a focus on what is best for the organization. We assist our relations amongst others with:

  • Purchase/sale (of parts) of a company;
  • Succession planning in the private and family business;
  • (Cross-border) Reorganizations.

Together with our worldwide network partners, we are ready to assist you.

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Due Diligence.

Do you have the opportunity to take over a company? We support you by making the right decision and help you to understand the worth and the risks of the company. Our specialists have great experience with executing financial and tax due diligences and ensure that you know what you will be buying. 

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Formal law.

As an entrepreneur, you have to comply with various tax obligations. Formalities play an important role in meeting them. What are your rights and what are the consequences if you do not fulfil your obligations on time? Our specialists are here to help in case you encounter fines, penalties, payment issues, liability claims and can assist with tax audits. 

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