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Pension and insurance services.

Our specialists can guide you through all the obligations and options, available to insure the possible risks and be compliant in this regard. As one of the few selected advisors in the Netherlands we are able to obtain insurance policies for non-Dutch clients. Which together with our experience in setting up insurance and pension schemes for international clients makes us the ideal partner to obtain the best possible pension and insurance solutions for your employees.

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Employment pension schemes.

Approximately 90% of the Dutch employees have a pension scheme from their employer. When employing employees in the Netherlands, setting-up a pension scheme for your employees, in line with the market, may therefore be key to find and keep the right employees and in some situations a pension scheme is even obligatory.

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Various employment insurances.

Our international operating clients are often stunned by the fact that under Dutch labor law employers are obliged to continue the wage of the employees for the first two years of sickness and that during these two years employers have various reintegration obligations, which upon non-compliant, can be sanctioned with an additional year in which the wage payments must be continued. 

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